Beatbing provides Artists with a catalogue of free beats in different genres, all you have to do is select your genre in the menu drop down and download a beat of your choice. Note if u use a free beat from our site, beatbing expects a Shout from you on your social media handles.
Other beats are Also available for download only after purchasing a valid license on BeatBing.Com

Yes, but beats downloaded from BeatBing.com can only be used for small non-profit and non-commercial purposes, you can not make any money using our beats unless you first purchase a license. Acceptable non-profit and non-commercial formats include recording a song over one of our beats and posting the song on your personal website or a community page (i.e. Facebook, forum, etc.) for free download, burning CD’s for friends and family, putting out a demo or mixtape on a limited basis (100 copy limit) to hand out for free.

Anything that seems commercial, profitable, or large-scale to you is probably not acceptable. If you use one of our beats you must also remember to give credit to Beat Bing and provide a link to our website www.BeatBing.com.

Contact Us to discuss prices for Exclusive Rights.

Beats are delivered in high quality (44100-16bit-Stereo) wav format and 320kbps mp3 format instantly via download page and e-mail immediately after your purchase. You will also receive a PDF licensing contract for the beat you purchased. If you purchased the Track Separation add-on with your license please allow up to 72 hours for the Track Separation files to be delivered by e-mail.

Yes, all vocal protection tags (beatbing.com, beats by Nolly Griffin, etc.) are removed from the wav file once you’ve purchased a license.

Track Separation (“trackouts” or “stems”) provides you with the full length, high quality tracked out wav files for enhanced, in-depth mixing and mastering. Each part/instrument of the beat is separated so the kick, snare, bass, piano, string, etc. are all separated as audio wav files, if you were to mix all the individual wav files together you would have the entire mixed beat. This is a must-have option when mixing your tracks in a professional, industry-level environment where the engineer (or yourself) may need to customize the mix around your vocals.

For bulk beat purchases in excess of $155, please Contact Us

Our best interest is for our customers to feel safe and sure when making a purchase, that is why after you’ve purchased a beat, the work will be deleted from our site and you now owe all rights to the beat.
A license contract will also be sent along with your beat link to your mail after you’ve made your payment.

Produced by BeatBing (www.beatbing.com) or produced by Nolly Griffin.

As long as you licensed your beat before the Exclusive Rights were sold, all of your rights remain intact as described in your contract.

If Exclusive Rights have not already been sold then yes, you can upgrade your license to an Exclusive Rights contract.

Contact Us with more info about your video project to discuss pricing for Synchronization rights.

Because our beats are considered digital goods, we do not offer refunds in order to prevent infringement and fraudulent orders. Some exceptions can be made with beat exchanges; if you ordered the wrong beat you must contact us immediately after your purchase and tell us which beat you meant to buy (all downloads are tracked and time stamped so please do not download the wrong beat or we cannot exchange it).

Yes, a custom beat can be made just for you. Your custom beat is never released on our website, never licensed or sold to another artist, and never heard by anyone until you have released your recorded song. Pricing starts at $1,500 per custom beat.

Custom beats are tailored to the exact description and details you give us, once we have received your description, we will work on your beat and e-mail you a 128kbps mp3 sample of your beat within 5-7 days. Once the beat is agreed on and full payment is received, we will mail you the beat tracked out in wav file format and an official Exclusive Rights contract granting you full 100% Exclusive rights to your custom beat. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please Contact Us.

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